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Freshwater Pearl Ring

Freshwater Pearls A stone for the suns of Gemini and Cancer, astrologers link it to the moon.  Some early cultures say that the pearl was born when a single drop of rain fell from the heavens and became the heart of the oyster.   Pearls signify faith, charity and innocence.  It enhances personal integrity, and provides a focus to ones attention.  It is June's Birthstone, 30th Anniversary Gemstone

  • 6 -8mm Freshwater Pearls

  • 14k Gold Filled 

  • .925 Sterling Silver

  • Our pearls are not mounted on a post.  We never use any glue.  These pearls are drilled, threaded and hand-wrapped into a piece of wearable art.  This technique gives you confidence in knowing your pearl will never fall out of its setting.