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Fountain Pen Chrome Poni (VSF1)

Fountain Pen with Chrome and 24k gold accents.  This well balanced writing instrument has a magnetic cap and will post.

Hawaiian Koa(Acacia) Wood of the Ali'i (Royalty).  In old Hawai'i it was “kapu” or prohibited for anyone to possess koa wood except for the Hawaiian monarchs and theali’i royalty class. After the death of King Kamehameha, the kapu system was abandoned, thus allowing all Hawaiians to possess koa wood. Koa trees have a natural life cycle of about 50-80 years due to the natural occurrence of rot and decay. Trees are not cut, only fallen trees are used for the instruments, furniture, home accessories and crafts we see today. 

Banyan Tree (Ficus) The first tree was brought to Hawai'i in 1873.  It was a gift from the missionaries of India.  These giant, majestic trees have become symbols of historical importance as well as a place of many family picnics and fun. 

Poni (Purple) is the color of Kaua'i.  Associated with royalty, nobility, power, and ambition.  This mix of lavender, gold and pearl is quite elegant. We mix our own resin colors. Patterns will occur organically with each batch. 

Please note that every pen is made of all natural woods and our own resin mix. Although similar, no two will be exactly alike. This high end writing instrument includes a black ink refill and an extra refill as a gift to you.

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