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Letter Opener Hemp / Polū (L12)

The Kilakila 22kt Gold, Rhodium & Koa wood letter opener is handmade with exquisite styling and matching components of the Kilakila pen.

Hemp(Cannabis Sativa) Wood grows 100 times faster than oak trees. This rapidly renewable resource was designed as a revolutionary building material to help with the devastating effects of deforestation, this sustainable material makes a world of difference by absorbing more carbon emissions than trees and releasing more oxygen into our environment

Banyan Tree (Ficus) The first tree was brought to Hawai'i in 1873. It was a gift from the missionaries of India. These giant, majestic trees have become symbols of historical importance as well as a place of many family picnics and fun. 

Ebony (Ebenaceae) This beautiful exotic hardwood is imported to use in our custom segmenting to contrast and help highlight the beauty of our Island woods. 

Polū (blue) resin paired with these exotic woods reminds one of our connection with the earth and sea and the beautiful beaches of Hawai'i.

Please note that every item is made of all-natural woods.  Although similar, no two will be exactly alike. 


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