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Ballpoint Click Peacock(CK4)

Ballpoint click  This slim click pen was made for the busy on-the-go executive. Fits comfortably in hand and is just the right size to pair with a journal or planner.

Our peacock colored resin pours are never the same.  It's always a surprise to see how each pour will turn out. 

Polū (blue) brings calmness and reminds us of our connection to the ocean and sky.  A color that symbolizes trust, loyalty, courage, and wisdom.

Melemele (yellow) Color of O'ahu and of Hawaiian Royalty.  The yellow feathers of the extinct Hawaiian 'Ō'ō and Mamo birds were used in part to dress Royal Hawaiian cloaks and Helmets. 

Please note that every pen is made of our own resin mix. Although similar, no two will be exactly alike. 

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