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Bolt Action Ballpoint Antique Brass Pheasant (B3)

Antique Brass Bolt Action bullet pen, perfect for any hunting or target-shooting enthusiast. Every detail, from the one of a kind bolt action mechanism to the precision engineered components, was carefully designed to ensure uniqueness and reliability. The realistic bolt-action handle smoothly advances and retracts to securely lock the refill in place. It Includes a bolt action rifle clip and a replica 30 caliber cartridge and rose gold bullet tip for added authenticity.

Pheasant wood  (Cassia siameais a rare Hawaiian hardwood, named after the beautiful and unique black and gold patterns of a pheasant's feathers.

Palm wood (Arecaceae) coconut timber's fibrous grain has a distinctive pattern.  The color tones and hues range from golden to near ebony, with dark brown flecks.  

Banyan Tree (Ficus) The first tree was brought to Hawaii in 1873.  It was a gift from the missionaries of India.  These giant, majestic trees have become symbols of historical importance as well as a place of many family picnics and fun.  

Ebony (Ebenaceae) This beautiful exotic hardwood is imported to use in our custom segmenting to contrast and help highlight the beauty of our Island woods. 

Please also note that every pen is made of all natural woods and although similar, no two will be exactly alike

This ballpoint pen includes a black ink refill and another extra refill as a gift for you.