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Black Tahitian Pearl Bangle

If you like sterling silver, you will love .935 Argentium silver. This is a brand of tarnish resistant silver, containing 93.5 or 96% silver. Argentium replaces some of the copper in the traditional sterling silver alloy(92.5% silver) with germanium to keep tarnish away.

If you are a person who fancies the look of gold, 14k gold fill is for you. This metal is composed of a solid layer of gold, mechanically bonded to a base of either sterling or base metal. This allows an artist to offer beautiful gold pieces at a more affordable price

We also offer bangles in 14k Gold. This is available by custom order only.

  • 10-12mm Black Tahitian pearl (1)

  • .935 Argentium bangle (12g)

  • 14k Gold Filled bangle(12g)

  • Hammered texture