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Giant Mako Fossil Shark Tooth(GM5)

Eocene (56 - 33.9 million years) -

Pliocene (5.3 - 2.58 million years)

The Isurus Hastalis was an ancient type of Mako Shark that is theorized to be the ancestor of the Great White Shark. They had weak serrations that were similar to the model great white shark. Their teeth grew up to 3.5 inches in length. Found mainly in the areas around the Atlantic Ocean such as the Netherlands and Eastern United States.

This shark is now extinct and it's teeth have been found in deposits that date back to 30 million years ago.

  • 1.375" Giant Mako Fossil Shark Tooth

  • Stainless Steel wrap

  • Larvikite, 8mm round, matte finish

  • Black Coconut 8mm rondels

  • Hematite rondel

  • White Shell rondel

  • Magnetic Clasp

  • 20" Necklace

  • Actual tooth shown

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