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Letter Opener 'Ōma'oma'o (L6)

The Kilakila 22kt Gold, Rhodium & Koa wood letter opener is handmade with exquisite styling and matching components of the KilaKila pen.

Hawaiian Koa (Acacia) Wood of the Ali'i (Royalty).  In old Hawai'i it was “kapu” or prohibited for anyone to possess koa wood except for the Hawaiian monarchs and the ali’i royalty class. After the death of King Kamehameha,the kapu system was abandoned, thus allowing all Hawaiians to possess koa wood. Koa trees have a natural life cycle of about 50-80 years due to the natural occurrence of rot and decay. Trees are not cut, only fallen trees are used for the instruments, furniture, home accessories and crafts we see today. 

Kauai Coffee (Arabica) From the fields of the Kaua'i coffee estate. This light colored wood helps to bring contrast to our segmented designs. We were fortunate to be gifted small branches from a fields pruning. 

Ebony(Ebenaceae) This beautiful exotic hardwood is imported to use in our custom segmenting to contrast and help highlight the beauty of our island woods. 

'Ōma'oma'o Pearl  Green, the color of Moloka'i, Hawaiian forests and beautiful waterfall filled mountains on the North Shore of Kaua'i.  

 Please note that every item made of all natural woods, although similar, no two will be exactly alike. 

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