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Lā'au Dangle Earrings (EB3)

The newest addition to our Lā'au O Hawai'i Collection. These Sterling silver earrings are made with local Kaua'i woods and Herb's mixture of resin colors. These earrings are handmade from beginning to end. Each is hand cut, shaped and polished to a one of a kind piece of Hawaiian wearable art.

Hawaiian Koa (Acacia) Wood of the Ali'i (Royalty).  In old Hawai'i it was “kapu” or prohibited for anyone to possess koa wood except for the Hawaiian monarchs and the ali’i royalty class. After the death of King Kamehameha,the kapu system was abandoned, thus allowing all Hawaiians to possess koa wood. Koa trees have a natural life cycle of about 50-80 years due to the natural occurrence of rot and decay. Trees are not cut, only fallen trees are used for the instruments, furniture, home accessories and crafts we see today. 

Melemele (yellow) Color of O'ahu and of Hawaiian Royalty.  The yellow feathers of the extinct Hawaiian 'Ō'ō and Mamo birds were used in part to dress Royal Hawaiian cloaks and Helmets. 

'Ula'ula (red) Color of Hawai'i island and the color of Hawaiian Royalty. The red feathers of the ʻIʻiwi and the ʻApapane birds were used in part to dress Royal Hawaiian cloaks and Helmets.